Lisa Mckenzie



about me


My name is Lisa McKenzie and I am a graphic designer with over 10 years of experience within creative agencies and in house roles.

Branding is my specialty, and I have extensive experience in the creation of brand guidelines, and implementing style guides effectively to build a brand across multiple communications platforms. I have an exceptional eye for detail, and highly developed graphic design skills.

What sets me apart from other graphic designers is my ability to think strategically about your brand, and all accompanying design work, giving you an authentic campaign, that tells your story. My broad skill set enables me to create campaigns to run across a multitude of platforms. I am specialised in branding, style guide implementation and development, but I also have strong skills in digital and social, website design, presentation design (interactive pdf's and powerpoint templates), typography, digital illustration, photography, video editing and  animation. I am creative and very passionate about design, and take an enormous amount of pride in my work, regardless of how large or small a job is. Currently I lead a team at a local creative agency, Multiverse. My work here aside from overseeing design is predominatly art direction across multiple digital and print projects. 

I also have a passion for self improvement and professional development, as such I am always keen to learn new skills and software.

A selection of my work can be found on my portfolio, or if you require something specific, please feel free to contact me directly.