Lisa Mckenzie

Sight Constructions Brand Refresh

This is a set of work created for a construction company called Sight Constructions. 


sight constructions brand re-fresh

Sight Constructions is a construction company that I worked for whilst at Digital Beanstalk. The client had an existing logo concept that they were adamant they wanted retained, but wanted their brand as a whole to have a fresher, more consistent look. I developed several branding assets to b used to give the brand a more professional and approachable look and feel. Once the brand was developed, I then went on to design the website. Due to the short timeframe of many of the clients projects, they normally had to rely on staff to get basic photos. This was taken into account when designing the website, ensuring to display portrait images rather than wide screen or banner images. Aside from the website, brand, and stationary design, I also created a 30 page capability document in both print and email formats.